Addiction Treatment Options

family treatmentN2 treatment provides exclusive, direct access and same day admission into the nation’s leading addiction centers.

Addiction does not discriminate, but neither does recovery. If you are contemplating treatment but are afraid to take the first step, N2 is here day and night to get you the help you need—when you need it. We are here to remind you: You can build a new life free from addiction. When it’s time to pursue recovery, our team helps you select a program that meets your personal and financial needs.



Our facilities include:

We know that addiction is more than just a pattern of behavior; it is a disease that alters the brain’s chemistry. To emerge victorious from addiction, you must trust experienced professionals who can support your pursuit of sobriety. Depending upon your situation and extent of your addiction, treatment may involve:

  • Detox & withdrawal servicesaddiction treatment facility
  • Medical care
  • Outpatient programs
  • Residential programs
  • Short-term recovery homes
  • Long-term sober homes
  • Sober companions
  • Support groups
  • Aftercare planning
  • Family therapy

N2 5 hopeThere is no one treatment that is best for everyone. Instead, N2 Treatment provides individualized addiction recovery plans that align with your personal preferences and belief system. Navigating you through the maze of rehabilitation planning, N2 offers turnkey recovery support services for clients and loved ones. From interventions and pre-admission assessments to insurance authorizations and customized aftercare programs, we help you fight the addiction battle in order to achieve and maintain long-term healing.

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