Paying for Treatment

The cost of addiction treatment can be a deterrent for clients and their families. If you or a loved one has made the difficult decision to get clean and sober, N2 Treatment wants to come alongside you. When rehab expenses seem unmanageable, consider the cost of addiction. In many cases, addicts lose their job, assets and savings chasing a chemical dependency. Some ruin their lives and wreck their credit by taking on debilitating debt. Freedom from addiction is a valuable investment, and one you cannot afford not to make.

At N2 Treatment, we believe your budget should never prevent you from pursuing a healthy, substance-free lifestyle. When you partner with our team, our consultants streamline the admissions process and help you cover the cost of treatment.

Payment Options for Addiction Treatment

Some private health insurance plans pay for a portion or a total of addiction treatment or counseling as part of their mental health services. The experienced insurance billing professionals at N2 Treatment help you navigate the insurance maze. Working as an advocate on your behalf, we provide an exhaustive range of insurance billing services for both outpatient and residential treatment programs. These services include:

  • Benefit inquiries
  • Preliminary assessments
  • Pre-certification / pre-authorization
  • Concurrent reviews
  • Insurance appeals
  • Insurance billing & reimbursement

High-quality addiction treatment programs may require a blend of insurance and private payment. Whether your treatment facility accepts insurance as reimbursement or agrees to work with insurance providers as third party payers, N2 will help you optimize your insurance benefits and decrease out-of-pocket costs wherever possible.

When money is tight, don’t make the mistake of avoiding treatment. N2 Treatment consultants specialize in helping clients locate payment assistance. Some cities, states, and counties provide limited public funding for uninsured individuals, Medicaid recipients, and low-income residents. Many rehabilitation programs offer sliding-scale fees to accommodate self-pay clients who cannot afford other options. Understandably, many people fall into this category because they have spent everything they own maintaining a destructive lifestyle. At N2, we understand—and we’re ready to help.

Trying to finance rehab on your own can complicate an already traumatic situation. The benefit of working with N2 Treatment is that our team members investigate every avenue in order to make treatment affordable and accessible. From insurance coverage and grants to home equity loans and low-interest financing, we help you choose the option that makes the most sense for your current budget and future finances.

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Freedom from addiction requires an investment, but it’s an investment worth making. The sooner you begin your journey to sobriety, the sooner you can begin to recoup your savings and restore your earning power. Allow N2 Treatment consultants to help you with the confusing financial decisions so you can concentrate on getting healthy. For more information about addiction treatment programs and drug rehab financing, dial 1-800-298-1850 or submit a confidential online inquiry—24 hours a day. A knowledgeable N2 team member will be in touch promptly!

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