Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services


Do you have a loved one who suffers from active addiction? There is help.


Correctly guiding ourselves through life is challenging enough and trying to help a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction can seem impossible.


Often, the person in active addiction has difficulty managing their own lives and as time goes by it seems to get worse. The impact of their addiction on their lives are evident through loss of things like jobs, relationships and self-care. Perhaps several attempts and conversations have been initiated to help them without success. This is because the person trying to help is often too close and doesn’t have the professional background to be both emotionally neutral and aware of resources that match the needs of the addict.  Such addiction professionals can help via home interventions or through recommending applicable treatment for the addict who is suffering.


Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, Christian InterventionThis site provides you with what you need to know about interventions and about the addict you are trying to help. Seeking help for someone with an addiction is one of the healthiest decisions you can make for yourself and for your loved one. Like many challenges in life, you were not meant to face this alone – here is a roadmap to how you can spark help and hope for you and the one suffering from alcoholism and addiction through initiating an intervention and alcohol and drug treatment.